A-Trak flips Pusha T’s ‘The Games We Play’ in sharp new scratch routineMusic Heals A Trak

A-Trak flips Pusha T’s ‘The Games We Play’ in sharp new scratch routine

A-Trak‘s got serious skills behind the decks.

At just 15, the child prodigy was a budding master craftsman, winning DJ championships against top talent and carrying the torch for borrowed turntablism techniques that made the ultimate difference — they made people want to dance — along the way. He’s a true auteur and through a continual showcase for his deep love for hip-hop and EDM, he’s provided one of the most unique stylistic coalescences EDM has ever had the pleasure to witness.

Most recently, A-Trak’s seemed to be feeling the GOOD Summer that Mr. Kanye West, Pusha T, and co. have been providing. He’s flipped Pusha T’s new “The Games We Play,” one of the hottest numbers off DAYTONA and even added a new touch to the track. Coyly, A-Trak’s mixed in Eve’s 2001 classic “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” featuring Gwen Stefani, which was Eve’s highest-charting ever single on the US Billboard Hot 100 and an unbelievably smooth tune in its own right. Ultimately, it’s an incredibly appropriate subliminal mix-in, especially considering the DJ manages to continually blow our minds.

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