TyDi talks going back to his roots with new release ‘It Will Be Okay’It Will Be Okay

TyDi talks going back to his roots with new release ‘It Will Be Okay’

Australian producer and DJ TyDi may have released a twelve track album less than six months ago, but that hasn’t led to him pumping the brakes on new releases. He is out with a new track titled “It Will Be Okay,” and it features “Did You Know” vocalist London Thor.

“It Will Be Okay” touches back on the Australian’s roots in progressive trance, with Thor’s gossamer vocals weaving in and out of airy chords. The melody propels forward into a euphoric climax equivalent to riding on a cloud, making the track perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon.  TyDi spoke with DA about what inspired him to make this track, citing it was a refreshing production for him.

“For the last few years I’ve been making extremely complex music. My album Collide had an entire orchestra in it… I think I needed to take my mind somewhere else, towards summer. I suddenly started listening to all the old french house classics that inspired me in the early 2000’s, and they were just these constant loops of happiness! So I decided to see if I could get that looping happy vibe and incorporate it into a modern progressive sound. I don’t really want people to overthink this song, I just want them to blast it in the sunshine and enjoy!” 

It’s hard not to enjoy “It Will Be Okay,” and TyDi has certainly found a way to use his past influences to create a cheery, modern release.

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