Weekend Rewind: relive Skrillex’s Tomorrowland 2012 main stage setSkrille 4

Weekend Rewind: relive Skrillex’s Tomorrowland 2012 main stage set

With Tomorrowland 2018 well underway, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the weekend’s groundbreaking sets, inevitable unreleased track teases, and larger-than-life production value that the Belgian festival promises each year. However, those looking for a bit of Tomorrowland nostalgia might enjoy this quick trip down memory lane back to¬†Skrillex‘s iconic main stage set from Tomorrowland 2012.

Ah 2012… the year fondly remembered as EDM’s dominating break into the mainstream.

At the time, Skrillex was indisputably the face of American dance music, and it truly shows in this set. Just months after the release of his Bangarang EP, the screamo-frontman-turned-superstar-DJ breaks out now-canonized gems including “Kyoto,” and “Devil’s Den,” and “Breakn’ a Sweat.” The Tomorrowland crowd was one of the first to hear songs like “Next Order,” from his Dog Blood¬†project with Boys Noize, and “Welcome to Jamrock” live. Still rocking his once signature thick frames and half-shaved crop, Skrillex delivers an exceptionally eclectic outing at perhaps the height of his breakthrough moment. Wrapping up the set with the classic “Reptile’s Theme,” this half hour of Tomorrowland history showcases Skrillex well on his way to the top of the world of electronic music.

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