Wolfgang Gartner drops off sharp new setlist weapon, ‘Freak’Wolfgang Gartner Press 2016

Wolfgang Gartner drops off sharp new setlist weapon, ‘Freak’

Wolfgang Gartner has been busy this year releasing a variety of new tracks. The producer most recently dropped a collaboration with JayKode after dropping upbeat single “Ching Ching” and a collaboration with K?D earlier in the year. He has another single to add to the list in his newest original work, “Freak.”

As with any Wolfgang Gartner electro fare, “Freak” is an instant setlist ignitor — something the Kindergarten executive has built a decorated career on. The heavily synthesized vocals and chords blend together for a fresh electro-pop fusion. Back in 2016, Dancing Astronaut sat down with the venerated house producer to talk about the influence pop music has on electronic production and innovation. Since then, Wolfgang has had a reinvention of sorts, anchored to his newfound affinity for the power of pop. “Freak” is a natural reflection of that mentality, and its another aced addition to Wolfgang’s legendary catalog.

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