Woman arrested for possession, distribution of fentanyl-laced cocaine at Camp BiscoCamp Bisco Dave Vann

Woman arrested for possession, distribution of fentanyl-laced cocaine at Camp Bisco

A tweet posted by Twitter user @n0ahconstrict0r catalyzed Camp Bisco security’s identification of the young woman accused of selling fentanyl-laced cocaine at the festival.

@n0ahconstrict0r shared two images of the woman, warning fellow attendees to “avoid her at all costs.”

The photos present in @n0ahconstrict0r’s tweet matched the physical description of the automated message that BunkBot delivered to all of its users, cautioning them against use of fentanyl-positive cocaine sold by a “5-foot-tall girl with brown hair wearing galaxy shorts.” BunkBot’s text additionally informed subscribers that Camp Bisco’s security team apprehended the woman.

BunkBot is an instant text alert system that provides those who sign up for the free, event specific service a “thorough description of the substance/packaging” when a BunkBot user reports a drug that tests positive for fentanyl. BunkBot strives to “stop any large-scale overdose event that may be occurring” at a given time. Those interested can learn more about BunkBot, here.

The woman was later identified as Angela Rose Masotti, and as participants in the Twitter thread indicated, Masotti’s distribution of fentanyl-laced cocaine at Camp Bisco was not Masotti’s first legal incident involving illicit substances.

Twitter user Liz Layman (@lizlayman) uncovered Masotti’s arrest record from Electric Forest 2016, where Masotti was charged for felony of possession of methamphetamine and possession of analogues. Masotti was 20 years old at the time of her 2016 arrest.

Another Twitter user remarked that she’d witnessed Masotti “selling bunk/bad shit at Summer Set in 2015.”

Camp Bisco’s security staff has not released any ensuing information regarding Masotti’s arrest.

Photo Credit: Dave Vann

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