Years & Years release sophomore album, ‘Palo Santo’ [Stream]2015YearsAndYears Press 180315

Years & Years release sophomore album, ‘Palo Santo’ [Stream]

Years & Years hit their stride on sophomore album, Palo Santo. A production that follows the British trio’s debut offering, Communion, released back in 2015, Palo Santo toes eccentric conceptual territory in its lyrical makings.

“It came from loads of different ideas of what Years & Years is about and what I am about,” lead singer Olly Alexandra said of the conceptual basis of Palo Santo, which centers around a “dystopian future” in which humans are the minority, and androids the majority. “I felt like creating that space and playing around in there would be a good thing to do. It [the album] has all my favorite things combined: sci-fi, spiritualism, performance, and identity.”

A robust 14 tracks comprise Palo Santo.

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