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10 things we learned from Medasin’s Reddit AMA

Medasin‘s debut album Irene made its highly anticipated arrival on August 10, and now that the “Love Lies” remixer’s first full length outing is complete, Medasin can redirect his attention from the application of album finishing touches to the reception of quirky questions during a Reddit AMA.

From breakup advice to speculation on the state of the society in the next 300 years, Medasin covers all of the bases in his latest Q&A sesh with fans.

Medasin’s advice to those going through a tough breakup? Move the f*ck on and don’t look back

He likes jazz

For Medasin, performing before crowds of people represents one of touring’s more daunting requirements

He won’t be around to see it, but Medasin predicts a dramatic shift in the population in the next 300 years

He purposefully avoided playing a hometown show in Dallas during his current tour, but not without good reason

Comment from discussion hello friends this is medasin, ask me anything.

Irene vinyls are on their way for fans who like to listen in old school style

Medasin made “like 100” tracks during the production of Irene

Rap isn’t a mainstay among his playlists

Medasin can’t see himself “pursuing” anything other than music, but enjoys photography (and chai lattes)

He’s not only a proponent of therapy, but sees therapy as a potential source of inspiration for artists

View the full Reddit AMA thread, here.

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