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12th Planet & Oolacile link up on ‘Bongo Boi’

12th Planet is back with another burning hot release. This time, the dubbed “King of American Dubstep” recruits fellow electronic producer Oolacile for the ultimate throwdown, a new single titled “Bongo Boi.” Percussive it is, indeed.

“Bongo Boi” sees the collaborators coming in hot with heavy bass and metallic hits of synthesizer that feels like being slapped in the face by a robot — or perhaps, a steel drum. Its frenetic layers and loud pitch force listeners to move along with the beat, which is likely the effect that Oolacile and 12th Planet were going for when making the track.

Last year, the 12th Planet native released a five-track EP titled Let Us Prey. Whether it’s dubstep or drum and bass, he continues to strive to take risks and make music he’s proud to share with listeners worldwide. In addition, he recently found his new home amongst bass loves by signing onto Disciple Round Table.



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