1788-L lets strange sounds fly on ‘N U / V E R / K A’1788 L Nurveka 1

1788-L lets strange sounds fly on ‘N U / V E R / K A’

1788-L‘s free fall to the forefront of the scene and into the hearts of Rezz fans was spurred by her release of their collaborative track, “H E X,” from her then-unreleased album a few months back. The anonymous producer’s curiously-crafted, Rezz-adjacent (yet, somehow stranger) sound first bore fruit after his timely remix of Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts.”

The enigmatic artist’s latest release, “N U / V E R / K A” is the bleeding embodiment of experimental electronic, with elements of electro, glitch, and tech sprinkled throughout—in no particular order. The track’s whirlwind arrangement only adds to the dizzying merriment, as the listener is sucked into the oscillating 1788-L continuum.


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