2D meets 3D in Loco Dice’s ‘Selflove’ video featuring Serious KleinLocoDicePressShot E1535468269358

2D meets 3D in Loco Dice’s ‘Selflove’ video featuring Serious Klein

With the release of his fourth album still in recent view, Loco Dice continues to flesh out the LP’s offering with visual components released piece by piece. Love Letters debuted earlier this summer, with its 16 songs begging to be listened to as a collective unit. But now with the release of the video for “Selflove,” we see the pieces as available to be consumed separately or together.

The video for “Selflove” might appear as a simple storytelling journey at first, with monochromatic animation that breathes melancholy. But expectations quickly readjust as the track’s featured artist, rapper Serious Klein, is shown in the flesh. Throughout the video, viewers are taken further and further into introspection, with Dice’s seasoned minimalism as the soundtrack.

The video for “Selflove” follows another red-themed story in the video for “We’re Alive.”

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