Andrew Bayer releases stunning new track ‘End Of All Things’End Of All Things

Andrew Bayer releases stunning new track ‘End Of All Things’

Andrew Bayer has been steadily releasing singles off of his forthcoming studio album (his fourth), and he is back yet again with a fresh new one. The track is titled “End of all things,” with Alison May as the featured vocalist on the release. It showcases that Bayer is taking no shortcuts with these releases, and even though “End of All Things” has radio potential, it is not a formulaic combination of vocals and chords to make for a quick hit.

“End Of All Things” can be described as nothing short of beautiful, with a melodic beat that gives way to May’s ethereal vocals and a harmonious drop. The track takes the listener on a slow and steady journey through euphoric trance chords and stunning vocals, giving the listener total peace and an overwhelming sense of calm. Bayer is in his finest form when crafting more abstract cuts, and “End Of All Things” attests to this notion.

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