Apple Music to implement ‘Friends Mix’ playlistApple Music 1

Apple Music to implement ‘Friends Mix’ playlist

Come September, Apple Music subscribers will never have to wonder what their friends are vibing to that week, thanks to the new personally tailored Friends Mix function.

While Apple Music’s recently installed feature in iOS 11 allows users to simply view what their friends are listening to, this new capability takes that transparency one step further. The Friends Mix is an aggregation of tracks taken from users’ followed friends’ recently listened-to music. Once brought to fruition, the playlist will update with a brand new set of 25 tracks each Monday.

Beta versions of the function currently cater to users with iOS 12, macOS Mojave, or tvOS 12, though it will be available to all remaining subscribers once released in September — users in China, Russia, and Turkey withstanding, due to the inability of users in those regions to create a shareable profile.

According to beta testers found on Reddit, the playlist generates tracks based on an algorithm the user’s preferred styles of music, sparing the user any scathing curveballs. The playlist will be found under the “For You” section of the interface, along with the already-existing Chill Mix, Favorites Mix, and New Music Mix.

H/T: TechCrunch 

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