This coal mine in Germany is becoming an underground techno club

This Saturday, August 18 the techno underground will be eclipsing with irony in the city of Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, at, wait for it  a coal mine. The Zollverein coal mine industrial complex is a Goliath and has gone through many phases since it’s digging days.

While the first mine on the premises was founded in 1847 they were grinding out fuel and adding shafts until 1986. For decades two parts of the site, the Zollverein coal mine, and the Zollverein coking plant ranked the largest of their kind in Europe. This spot was considered an architectural and technical masterpiece and it earned the reputation of the most beautiful coal mine in the world. In 2001 it was inscribed into the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Now, this joint is going to get another hit of that oh-so-German innovation, only this time with sound.   

Telekom Electronic Beats and Düsseldorf-based promoters Baka Gaijin are joining forces again to throw another party on this beautiful architectural behemoth. The party will be featuring Ben UFO, Objekt, and Shanti Celeste. Despite these great names Baka Gaijin’s Alexis Fallis states, there is no need for big headliners, “because the venue is the headliner.” The UNESCO seems to agree.

However, being on the list of World Heritage Sites does come with some responsibilities; mainly to maintain them. Regardless of how respectful party goers can be, upkeep of this site is imperative. “I think you can throw a maximum of three or four parties a year there,” said Fallias, “It’s a heritage site and they want to protect it.”  Even if it’s only once or twice a year, a party hosting sounds that reflect the surroundings like the Zollverein and techno is not one to miss.


H/T: DJ Mag

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