Disclosure keep the releases rolling with fourth consecutive track, ‘Funky Sensation’Disclosure Funky Sensation 1

Disclosure keep the releases rolling with fourth consecutive track, ‘Funky Sensation’

Day by day, the iconic and recently-dormant house duo, Disclosure, have been unraveling their multifarious web of new tracks, including “Moonlight,” “Where Angels Fear To Tread,” and “Love Can Be So Hard,” all consecutively one after another, after over a year of near radio silence from the Lawrence brothers. Each song thus far has been tinged with a unique dance-centric aroma: 80’s pop, jazz, a cappella, and groovy, disco-inspired excellence.

Their latest offering, fashioned from a remix of a remix, “Funky Sensation,” converges Disclosure’s self-professed love for disco with a modern house arrangement. In a tweet, the brothers explain,

“We took ‘s version of this classic song by Gwen McCrae and flipped it again. Hope this one gets you moving.”

Gwen McCrae’s lush vocals—soaring above the celestial precipice of the track’s swirling grooves and funky piano chords—call back residual disco accents matched with the pair’s freshly renewed house sensibilities. While the pair have yet to formally confirm a new project, we’d be surprised not to have another single tomorrow to cap off a full week of new material. And if we get a full week of new Disclosure music just once a year, perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky.

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