Dixon DJs live set in Grand Theft Auto’s latest expansionDion

Dixon DJs live set in Grand Theft Auto’s latest expansion

The team behind Grand Theft Auto’s latest “After Hours” expansion have achieved full integration into the electronic music world. With the new focus on nightlife within the video game, they’ve tapped into the world of DJing to mingle with its new features. First came Solomun’s music video for “Customer Is King,” and now Dixon is next up in a field of techno DJ’s accomplishing firsts. The German artist linked up with the company behind GTA, Rockstar Games, to DJ a full set in a nightclub – in animated form.

Live streamed by Resident Advisor via Facebook, the video fully recreates a club scene – DJ moves and technical adjustments – within the animated world of a video game. Tale of Us also streamed a “live set” from the game. For frequent clubgoers, the simulation might feel uneasy or dissonant; but once the whole club culture is painted it is of course, familiar.



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