Dreweybear and Julia Thompson create ‘The One’The One Artwork

Dreweybear and Julia Thompson create ‘The One’

Pay attention to this one.

Initially created by Dreweybear as a rough track while messing around in the studio, “The One” is the product of an off-chance collaboration between vocalist Julia Thompson and producer Drew Marcum. Written during a period of uncertainty in Thompson’s life, “The One” captures the essence of confusion and regret in a dire relationship through emotive vocal drops. Eventually, after a handful of production revisions, “The One” evolved into a contender for summer pop anthem, out Aug. 17on Elixir Records.

Both artists have shown early signs of success in the early stages of their careers. Starting the project in 2016, Drew began posting tracks on SoundCloud and quickly obtained the interest of large labels and tastemakers. After putting out continuous releases, Dreweybear found himself featured on key Spotify playlists including the Viral 50 chart. Today, Dreweybear continues to follow his passion for creating melodic music inspired by the wilderness.

Associated with an incredibly vast vocal range and high-energy pop melodies, Julia Thompson is an 18-year-old singer/songwriter on the rise. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Julia has been writing and singing throughout her life, often spending hours at the piano singing covers and writing her own original songs. Initially just sharing her music with friends, she decided to take the leap with her debut single, “Hits,” which was released in February.

Documenting the highs and lows of the teenage experience, Thompson uses honest lyrics and a sense of realness in her writing to give people her age something to relate to. Thompson has garnered the attention of thousands of fans across the country as her second single, “Spark,” was a minor viral hit that landed on hot playlists including Fresh Finds and New Pop Revolution.

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