Fairchild fashions delectable retouch of Matt Fax’ ‘Amnesiac’Amnesiac Fairchild Remi

Fairchild fashions delectable retouch of Matt Fax’ ‘Amnesiac’

The Colorize branch of Enhanced has hosted quite a few quality releases over the past year. Matt Fax’ Contrast LP was one of them; it showcased all aspects of the burgeoning talent’s artistry and captured the euphoric side of progressive house that leaves many addicted to the genre. Almost a year following the release, Fax and Colorize have debuted its remix compilation, which sees a variety of skilled up-and-coming talents adding a refreshing new dimension to the original body of work.

In particular, we’re drawn to Fairchild‘s take on “Amnesiac.” He proves his formidability in progressive through his rendition, taking the original above ground with light synth progressions and a bassline that floats around the mind like a warm breeze. While he ultimately made the decision to remain relatively close to the “Amnesiac” in terms of atmosphere and arrangement, what he’s done underneath is distinctive enough, and makes for a pleasant listen on and off the dancefloor.


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