Fatherdude’s latest is chill in all the right waysFatherdude

Fatherdude’s latest is chill in all the right ways

Fatherdude must really be feeling the heat leave New York, because his latest release is chill in all the right ways.

Flush with R&B and electronic elements, the listener quickly realizes Fatherdude is taking it to a new level with his latest single, “Let Me Live.” The track smoothly welcomes itself into the listener’s headspace with snaps and a subtle thump of a kick drum. By the time a foot’s tapping, Fatherdude’s vocals make sure to hold the door for the rest of the track.   

The New York native known for his powerful voice sings with a soulful resolute tone, “The devil dared me just to get me to stop/ but you think I still needed saving/ let me live my life” moments before a bountiful bombardment of bass joins the beat and sends it from chill to unarguably catchy. The true tone of the track isn’t overtly dance-y, nor is it reminiscent of any other work; rather it’s music with a message. The crystalline lyrics and gripping sonic transitions encourage the listener to demand what growth and being present demands, absolute freedom.