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First Listen: DJ Seinfeld gives George FitzGerald’s ‘Burns’ the heavy dance floor treatment

In the run up to UK producer George FitzGerald’s All That Must Be album release, the follow up to 2015’s Fading Love, it felt like anything was possible.

The artist was following a body of work that chronicled a complicated relationship with dance music, and while it was merely just a semi-departure, this time felt different. FitzGerald had just gone so far as to tell Resident Advisor that he was becoming tired of DJing and club culture. So when it came for the time that the world delve into All That Must Be, the album was rife with lush tones and vocal arrangements that felt more like an ode to the live experience, in the vein of artists like Lane 8, than any other type of his previous dance music material.

If FitzGerald hadn’t moved into a more songwriter oriented approach, trading his breakdowns for wistful vocal arrangements and cerulean seas of sonic expansiveness, it’s likely that All That Must Be would have sounded more like DJ Seinfeld’s recent take on the album cut “Burns.” Seinfeld’s use of old school breakbeats — reminiscent of the ones that Bicep’s 2017 track “Glue” uses — breathes new life into the track, which is not to say that FitzGerald had shyed away completely from dance propulsion’s on the number, but that it feels like a missed opportunity when listening to DJ Seinfeld’s take. DJ Seinfeld’s “Burns” remix is a testament to creativity, the possibilities of reinterpretation and the importance of true artist to artist camaraderie.

FitzGerald will be touring North America for the first time with a full band this fall. Tickets are available here.

George FitzGerald Tour Dates:

10/4/2018 Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
10/5/2018 Brooklyn, NY @ National Sawdust
10/6/2018 Philadelphia, PA @ Milkboy
10/7/2018 Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
10/9/2018 Toronto, ON @ The Drake Hotel
10/10/2018 Detroit, MI @ El Club
10/11/2018 Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
10/12/2018 Los Angeles, CA @ York Manor
10/13/2018 Oakland, CA @ Treasure Island Music Festival

DJ Seinfeld Tour Dates:

4 October – Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON, CA [DJ-KiCKS tour]
05 October – Artgang, Montreal, QC, CA [DJ-KiCKS tour]
06 October – Good Room [Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival], New York, NY, US [DJ-KiCKS tour]
10 October – Bar Standard, Denver, CO, US [DJ-KiCKS tour]
11 October – Timbre Room, Seattle, WA, US [DJ-KiCKS tour]
12 October – Celebrities Underground, Vancouver, BC, CA [DJ-KiCKS tour]
13 October – Gingerbread Haus, San Francisco, CA, US [DJ-KiCKS tour]
14 October – Into The Woods, Los Angeles, CA, US [DJ-KiCKS tour]

Photo Credit: Rhodri Brooks

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