Gallya debuts on FORM with a driving, ‘Elements’ EPFORM 79 Elements Gallya

Gallya debuts on FORM with a driving, ‘Elements’ EP

Eastern Europe has established itself as a hotbed for forward-thinking tech, minimal, and progressive. Gallya has emerged as one of the new wave of talent in the region — following the footsteps of Nastia, Nina Kraviz, Stas Drive, Rhadoo, and others. She’s been picked up by POPOF on his FORM imprint for her latest release, leading her fans into a two-piece melter called Elements.

In an age where tech house has been tainted by cheap productions and a bad reputation, Gallya busts through the noise with a refined take on the sound. Elements twists and turns through fiery hellscapes, driving its targets forward like cattle with thundering percussion and eerie instrumentation. Its title opener errs a bit more on the spacey side with its light arpeggios; however, their arrangement strikes a chilling chord.

The EP closes in a way that almost feels like it picked up where its A-side left off. While “Elements” feels like an attack in space, “Behind” is more akin to crashing to Earth with its pronounced low-end and padded percussion that shakes the ground its played on. Gallya certainly knows how to cause shivers with her work.




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