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Get away with Kaskade’s 18-track sensory compilation, ‘Destinations Tulum’ [Stream]

It’s the quintessential summer getaway, sans the passport and TSA lines: it’s Destinations Tulum. An 18-track compilation that first captures the spirit of insatiable wanderlust, couples it with the character of Tulum, and then translates it into electronic sound, Destinations Tulum bears a breezy tracklist of songs hand selected by Kaskade himself.

Arkade presents: Tulum is the first in a series of compilations about traveling the world and becoming emotionally attached to different locations,” Kaskade said of the inaugural Destinations installment, released on the “Almost Back” producer’s Arkade imprint. “I’ve developed personal relationships with the moods of different spots, and wanted to start with Tulum as it’s always lingered with me. I hope with the compilation…I can bring back the feeling of being in Tulum. A sensory experience of sitting on the beach and walking through the town,” Kaskade added.

Destinations Tulum invites listeners to embark on an imaginative yet nonetheless experiential sonic venture through the streets of Tulum as Kaskade returns to the studio to plan the next stop on the musical itinerary.

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