Gorgon City release dancehall-tinged single, ‘One Last Song’Unnamed 4

Gorgon City release dancehall-tinged single, ‘One Last Song’

Gorgon City are extremely skilled at combining their pop sensibilities with the sounds of the underground. Their work ranges from catchy UK house to soulful garage, always brimming with some of the best talent the United Kingdom has to offer. This holds true on “One Last Song,” the most recent single for their upcoming album, Escape.

Bringing on vocalists JP Cooper and Yungen, Gorgon City construct a track that features smooth steel drums and piano keys over a dancehall beat. Cooper’s soulful vocals are a fitting contrast to Yungen’s wistful lyrics, with both yearning for “one last song” with the one they love. The third and final single for their sophomore album, the British duo seem to be building strong anticipation. With the record dropping next week and a tour starting immediately after, Gorgon City will surely be a name to watch over the coming months.

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