JAUZ lights off one more, ‘Acid Or Techno’ before big album revealJauz Interview Featured Img

JAUZ lights off one more, ‘Acid Or Techno’ before big album reveal

For months now, fans have been gradually exposed to the depths of JAUZ‘s experimentation with gumptious genre distortions. Just one day ahead of his BITE THIS-housed The Wise and The Wicked album release, JAUZ has shared another striking bout of ingenuity, “Acid Or Techno.”

With acid bass interwoven in the track’s writhing fabric, coupled with unrelenting tech percussion, the song certainly lives up to its twofold title. The echoing, retro vocal cut is also a nod at the acid house, which has been making such a robust resurgence lately—while the carnal energy level is all techno.

JAUZ recently told Magnetic Mag that he was taken aback by the positive reactions the track has been eliciting from the jump: “I happened to open it up to play it for Fred (Snails), almost as a joke, and he was like ‘Wait, this is actually so sick!’ That seems to happen to me a lot, where I’ll think an idea I’ve written is dumb and it actually normally ends up being the songs of mine people like the most.”

He goes on to describe the track as somewhat antithetical to the rest of his forthcoming album, as well as “what I imagine the wicked would be playing in an abandoned warehouse at 5:30 AM as the building is burning down around itself.”

Recently, JAUZ revealed that the concept for the album will take a narrative format. The Wise and The Wicked‘s tracks are to be split under sub-headings, including The Wise, The Wicked, and The United—each carrying an intuitive aesthetic quality. For instance, “Acid Or Techno” unsurprisingly resides with The Wicked, while his laid-back collaboration with Kiiara, “Diamonds,” lies with The Wise.

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