Lemaitre’s ‘Rocket Girl’ with Betty Who gets retro rework from RACLemaitre Rocket Girl Rac Mi

Lemaitre’s ‘Rocket Girl’ with Betty Who gets retro rework from RAC

Lemaitre‘s Betty Who-assisted “Rocket Girl” has needed no help stacking up streams, but that didn’t stop RAC from tinkering on his own version of track. With a slew of high-profile remix credits under his belt for names like Lana Del Rey and Two Door Cinema Club, the Portuguese producer is no stranger to imbuing his signature sound into indie hits. Released on all platforms Aug. 17, the rework is subtle enough to be dubbed a “mix,” and not a full-on remix. Despite this technicality, RAC’s retro-tinged fingerprints can be heard all over this newest version.

Whereas the original follows Lemaitre’s perfectly palatable blend of indie pop and funk-rock from the start, RAC’s interpretation opens with a synth solo intro that would sound right at home on a classic Justice record. The French-electro sensibilities continue in the chorus, which shifts into overdrive as cosmic top lines and crackling percussion join the fray. The energy washes into a spacey guitar-driven interlude, before the track’s finale bursts open.

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