Is Madeon producing under alias Deathpact?Deathpact Copy

Is Madeon producing under alias Deathpact?

Rezz recently released her highly anticipated sophomore album, Certain Kind of Magic, and aside from blowing fans away, many noticed that one of the collaborators on the album was someone they did not recognize. That collaborator is named Deathpact, and the mysterious producer fittingly co-produced track “Life & Death.”

The ominous track features Rezz’s ominous dark house chords with a twist, and fans have been trying to figure out who Deathpact is ever since the album’s release. The artist has a small following on Soundcloud, even as far as up and comers go, and he/she just released their own debut single.

Now Redditers have discovered, which is a mysterious website with robotic audio repeating a phone number.

Is Madeon producing under alias Deathpact?Screen Shot 2018 08 09 At 5.17.31 PM


When the number is called, user FreshStaticSnow notes that it sounds like Madeon’s voice. Users then commented on the thread saying the producer’s new single, “Danger,” sounds reminiscent of Madeon’s “Imperium.” Fans will have to stay tuned until someone breaks Deathpact’s cryptic code.

Via r/Madeon and Deathpact Phone Number

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