Maribou State’s serene new track ‘Nervous Tics’ is the antidote to ‘the low-lying panic of modern life’MaribouState Credit AleandraWaespi 2018 14

Maribou State’s serene new track ‘Nervous Tics’ is the antidote to ‘the low-lying panic of modern life’

There’s more to Maribou State‘s new music than meets the eye. Although, any veteran listener of the UK duo’s light-hearted electronic music will tell you that these very qualities, equal parts minimalism and lush complexities, are the very crux of the group’s material.

Their new track “Nervous Tics”, which follows the recent Khrungbin collaboration “Feel Good,” is a dulcet number that moves through one’s eardrums and into their longterm memory banks with ease. Though “Nervous Tics'” honeyed Holly Walker-led harmonies would seem to echo sentiments of jovial joy, it’s really “about the low-lying panic of modern life,” Walker explains in a release.

“We’re all on our phones getting terrible news headlines and hyperreal Instagram images live streamed into our brains, and it’s making us jumpy,” she says. “This song is the realization that no amount of mindful breathing or downward dog can replace some good old fashioned human contact and emotion.”

As such, the pair has tapped into the universal theme and the true importance of human connectivity in a chaos-normalized world. Many believe collaboration is the apex of creativity, and if this single does nothing else, it proves that on Maribou State’s new album, this collaborative notion will certainly shine through. Just like good old-fashioned human contact can be a rejuvenating experience, perhaps the tune’s message relies on creative collaboration to always be the antidote to the low-lying panic of modern life. Maribou State will release their new album, Kingdoms In Colour, on Sept. 7 via Ninja Tune affiliate Counter Records.

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Waespi

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