Mura Masa makes tough love look fun on ‘Complicated’ music video [Watch]Mura Masa Dancingastronaut

Mura Masa makes tough love look fun on ‘Complicated’ music video [Watch]

It’s not a breakup song, but it’s not a love song, either.

Mura Masa‘s latest single, “Complicated” emerged as a hybrid that lyrically bemoaned the difficulties of love, but when it came to sonic arrangement, Mura Masa took the road less traveled, opting not for a slow paced, piano driven tear jerker, but a spunky, tropical tinged summer staple that sounds less like a complaint concerning romantic woes, and more like a celebration thereof.

Now, an official music video follows the release of the Skrillex co-produced single to visually expound upon the song’s critical yet playful nature. Featured vocalist Nao breathes lyrical life into the video as the lens twists and turns, transitioning from scenes of dancers donning scarlet dresses, to shots that betray the dissonance between the video’s lovers. The music video arrives as a fun depiction of the highs and lows of love, as reflected in the production’s constant scene shifts.

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