Mura Masa and Skrillex have teamed up and the result is ‘Complicated’Mura Masa Skrille Nao Complicated

Mura Masa and Skrillex have teamed up and the result is ‘Complicated’

What happens when Mura Masa and Skrillex pair up? The result one might expect from two established talents who refuse to stick themselves in a creative box.

Titled “Complicated,” it is indeed a tangle of tropical-tinged synths, a reggae-inspired bassline, and futuristic vocals courtesy of Nao — dressed with subtle guitar riffs that add depth to the finished product. It’s an irresistibly infectious record that isn’t just a palatable radio listen, but one capable of providing mental solace and blissful imagery amidst a chaotic real world.

Mura Masa’s influence in “Complicated” is overwhelmingly evident — the single is in a similar vein to its predecessor “Move Me,” which has been a summer anthem for the stalwart. Meanwhile, it’d been quite some time since the dance world had heard from Skrillex, likely due to diving back into his band of old,  From First to Last. Josh Pan caused a stir on July 31, however, stating the OWSLA owner would be releasing new music soon; therefore, “Complicated” may just the first of many new things we’re set to hear from the iconic producer.


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