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MUST LISTEN: Zookëper puts a house spin on John Mayer’s ‘New Light’

Zookëper wants listeners to see John Mayer‘s most recent single in a “New Light.”

Released in May 2018 and co-produced by NO I.D., Mayer’s latest meshed the Continuum crooner’s inimitably suave vocals with a mellow guitar melody, and classic to Mayer’s identity as a songwriter, confessional lyrical musings tinged with tempered yearning. “New Light” emblematized stylistics characteristic of Mayer’s artistry as it simultaneously more treaded exploratory musical territory–in the broader context of Mayer’s catalogue–in its embrace of a distinctive 80’s disco groove.

Although Mayer is well known for his song “Stop This Train,” the groove train that shifted into gear on “New Light” speeds ahead on Zookëper’s remix. An intricately layered multi-element rework, Zookëper’s take re-envisions “New Light” through a lively house lens.

Zookëper undergirds the remix with a piano melody that proves central to the flip’s fluidity as the melody works in tandem with the pulsating animation of the revamp’s bass line, energetically driving the production forward. Zookëper’s addition of a mid tempo BPM situated in the house range lends a buoyancy to Zookëper’s innovative re-imagination of Mayer’s original.

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