The mysterious Deathpact returns with another single

Dance fans have been driven into a frenzy over their hunger to know just who Deathpact is. The mysterious act, who refuses to disclose their identity, made a name for itself as a collaborator on REZZ‘ debut album. Their first single stood fine on its own sans a big name on is bill too, with their innovative, bass-leaning stylings leading many to question whether or not Deathpact’s identity belonged to Madeon.

Debates aside, Deathpact has returned with another gritty treat for the ears, this time titled “First Interference.” It follows a dark path into the underworld, raising hairs even more with an eerie fax sample that closes it off at the end. Deathpact has gone electro once more, with mid-tempo 4/4 kick that hits hard — especially when paired with menacing synths. “First Interference” is the type of track one can headbang to at a festival, but also enjoy while doing chores.