New study finds that two thirds of women fear sexual harassment at UK festivalsDreams Stage 1

New study finds that two thirds of women fear sexual harassment at UK festivals

A study newly conducted by Durham University determined that more than half of UK women fear sexual harassment and assault at music festivals. 70 percent of women reported concern about sexual assault specifically, while a near even 69 percent said that they were wary of sexual harassment. Another 30 percent indicated that they had been sexually harassed while at a festival, while 10 percent stated that they’d been victims of sexual assault at a UK festival.

A comparative five percent of men indicated that they’d experienced sexual harassment at such an event. One percent answered that they’d been sexually assaulted at a festival. The comparatively lower numbers of men who cited experiences of sexual harassment or assault did not signal diluted concern about the possibility of encountering either; 53 and 56 percent of men cited worry about sexual harassment and assault at festivals, respectively.

The data from Durham University’s law school and sociology department’s joint study reflects a total of 258 responses, two-thirds of which came from women. The majority of study respondents were aged 30 and above.

The study seeks to quantitatively measure the unease that exists in relation to the British festival scene, both with and without specific regard to sexual harassment and assault. Durham University researchers diverted their focus from festival goers’ sexually related attendance anxieties to those encompassing theft and physical violence. 64 percent of participants stated that they feared theft at a festival, while 53 percent attested to physical violence related apprehension.

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