Newcomers Cassette Tapes gear up for debut EP with ‘Forgiveness’Cassette Tapes Press Photo 2

Newcomers Cassette Tapes gear up for debut EP with ‘Forgiveness’

Cassette Tapes are putting themselves on the map, steadily gaining traction with an innovative sound revealed on singles like “Sugar Rush.” Now, the San Francisco based duo — consisting of Parker Livingston on production and Jackson Stokes on vocals —continue to hone their craft with the release of “Forgiveness.”

Their latest single truly represents their multi-genre inspired sound, with an electronic bass-line, poly-rhythm synths, and pop-inspired horns, creating some smooth production for the R&B style vocals. The mix is simply intoxicating to hear and is bound to bring Cassette Tapes to new heights. More so, this is emblematic of the smooth, radio-friendly brand of music that they’ve so carefully fine-tuned throughout their nascent years on the scene. “Forgiveness” will be the first single off their debut EP Side A which drops September 2018.