Noisia and Two Fingers unleash searing new collaboration, ‘Dzjengis’Noisia Two Fingers Dzengis Collab

Noisia and Two Fingers unleash searing new collaboration, ‘Dzjengis’

Noisia and Two Fingers (alter-alias of Amon Tobin) are back with a vengeance on a new joint effort dubbed “Dzjengis.” Their track record for explosive collaborations is well documented, dating all the way back to Tobin’s remix of “Machine Gun” off Noisia’s 2010 LP Split The Atom. As expected, their latest creation arrives on the dutch trio’s own Division Recordings with the technical wizardry and atomic impact the two artists have always delivered.

The track opens with apocalyptic drones, floating in and out over a stuttering 808 kick. As the energy builds, a wailing top line swells into range and the tension shifts into high gear. After building to a breakbeat crescendo, the listener is plummeted into a bleak progression of pads and synths, before the drums detonate all over again. Noisia provided some backstory on the project’s genesis via SoundCloud:

“In June Thijs (of Noisia) was over at Amon Tobin’s place in LA for a studio session. This is one of the tracks that came out of that session, it was pretty much completely done in 3 days. It was made in a dark place, infused with love for 808 electro, breakbeats, old crusty synthesizers and samplers, alternate tuning scales, and Mezcal & Tonic on the rocks.”

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