Police let 1,000 ravers carry on their partying in a forest due to ‘no disturbance’Thetfordrave

Police let 1,000 ravers carry on their partying in a forest due to ‘no disturbance’

If a rave goes down in a forest and no cops are around to hear it, does it get busted? Those who attended a recent illegal gathering in Britain’s Thetford Forest know the answer to that question, as authorities allowed what they’ve called an “unlicensed music even (aka, Rave)” to carry on.

While many might consider this an enormous success, a post on Thetford Forest’s Facebook page outlined what they believed was a public disregard for the forest.

Many Suffolk locals condemned the ravers for their behavior. One such local even went so far to write:

Bunch of selfish ****s adults acting like children getting off their nuts in a field wiggling about and running to the speakers when the music kicks in like kids at a school disco and leaving c**p and beer cans everywhere. Not saying they’re all like that but the majority are. There was one in a wood near me not long back. There was rubbish absolutely everywhere. Fires had been lit and the best thing they actually believe they do no harm.”

Of course, not everyone came on the attack of the ravers. Some did voice their support for outdoor raves, asking that public areas be established to minimize the harm done to the land and animals. One said, “That looks like a little litter. Trying to over exaggerate maybe,” and another wrote, “Why doesn’t the forestry just designate an area in the forest where people can do this with a no fires policy. These guys only do it in remote places because they don’t want any trouble from residents.”

Perhaps these ravers should take a few tips out of the Electric Forest playbook.


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