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Poppy releases Diplo-produced ‘Time Is Up’

Poppy has tested out her collaborative chops with her latest single, “Time Is Up.” On it, she’s enlisted international star Diplo on production for a co-release of the single on his Mad Decent label. As a YouTube phenomenon and now multi-talented pop artist, Poppy has branded herself with avant garde, forward-thinking music, emphasized by her futuristic visual style. “Time Is Up” continues this legacy, with infectious modern pop underlined by Diplo’s production.

The release is also paired with a video that paints a space age, futuristic envisioning of Poppy’s rise to fame. In it, Poppy explores internet celebrity, connection and humanism through a dystopian, robotic lens.

“Time Is Up” is released to launch Poppy’s AM I A GIRL? tour starting this fall.


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