Producer Sessions 005: Pegboard Nerds ‘Full Hearts’ EP + sample pack + interviewProducer Sessions

Producer Sessions 005: Pegboard Nerds ‘Full Hearts’ EP + sample pack + interview


Pegboard Nerds released their sixth EP, Full Hearts, off Monstercat, featuring collaborators Knife Party and Dion Timmer. The five-track EP creates a nostalgic EDM environment throughout various sub genres, pinpointing the Danish-Norwegian duo as early trendsetters in the electronic sphere. To celebrate, Dancing Astronaut interviewed the producers and is giving a shout-out to their sound through a throwback sample pack on Splice.

Tracks on the new EP are as followed: “Harpoon” is made up of Rob Swire‘s pitched-up vocals and ’90s psytrance-like vibes. “Steel” is repping electro-house. “Purple People Eater” is a memorable nursery rhyme combined with classic, unhinged dubstep. The producers bring old-school, “Zombie Nation,” Euro techno on “OSCar.” Finally, “Escape” with up-and-coming bass producer, Dion Timmer, is sped-up euro techno combined with gritty dubstep for contrast sake.

What some might not know, is these veterans have five, high-quality sample packs on Splice, all steaming from their 2015 Pink Cloud EP. The samples were used to create multiple, official remixes from the likes of Rusko, Morgan Page, Prismo, Two Friends, Bear Grillz, Party Thieves, Dr. Fresch, and many more. Splice subscribers can click each link to browse and download some of these production icon’s classic EDM sounds: “Downhearted,” “Emoji,” “End Is Near,” “Just Like That,” and “Pink Cloud.” The EP was released to fund breast cancer research, reaching No. 2 on iTunes Dance albums and top 10 on Billboard Dance albums.

Listen to their full EP and read their full interview below as you’re taking in the vintage sounds of some electronic music legends Click here to start a 14-day free trial on Splice and start producing like the pros.

How long has this EP been in the works?

In some ways since 2014. More specifically though, the past 6-8 months have been intense in terms of choosing/being able to finish the tracks we had as candidates for the EP.

What do you think listeners will be surprised by?

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise anymore, but we keep doing our own thing, with silly tracks and ideas we have. Some might be surprised by what they consider the “return” to a more “classic” sound (OSCar) and level of silliness (PPE) :)

How would you say your style has changed over the years?

It’s evolved.. Always changing. We just follow our excitement and make whatever we want. With Pegboard Nerds that usually means operating within the dance space, and sometimes at the edges of that. One thing that seems to grow stronger is the refining and cultivation of a “pure” production, in multiple senses; melodies, phrases, structure and the way sounds are treated. It’s hard to explain without going into great technical detail, but it’s something we’re always aware of and trying to “improve”, in both a subjective and objective sense.

What does this EP mean to you as longtime members of the Monstercat family?

It means we are continuing to grow together as well as individuals, and it’s another step towards the future for all of us. Hopefully it adds to the diversity we like to present in our work, and we’re very happy with the result.

What do you want listeners to take away from this EP?

As listeners: Their own experience and feelings listening to it. More actively: Inspiration for what they are doing in their own lives regardless of what *our* motives or inspirations were.

What can listeners expect from the forthcoming tour?

Songs from the EP obviously, more new tracks, and a high energy set as always. Possibly some stage diving :o

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