REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’Rezz Tidal 1

REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’

Ahead of her album listening party at Magic Castle, REZZ sat down with TIDAL to briefly divulge into not only where the inspiration came for the Certain Kind Of Magic album, but touch on her come-up, and early influences.

REZZ has always been vocal about her wide range of musical taste, and reiterates this in the interview, citing her love for pop-punk (Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance) and deadmau5 on the electronic end. As she fondly reminisces about her early festival-going days, the documentary drums up a photo of REZZ posing at an event donning an enormous Skrillex perler around her neck.

“I was totally involved in the same way all my fans are today,” she says.

Twitter has housed quite a few watershed moments in REZZ’s career. She enthusiastically recounts the day Skrillex followed her on the platform, and soon messaged her asking her to keep him in the loop on her unreleased tracks.

She also emphasizes how she uses her constant interaction with fans on Twitter to allow them to feel connected to her “as a real person.” REZZ says her fans attributing her quixotic nicknames on Twitter like “magician and wizard,” led to the magic theme becoming the focal point of the new album.

Diving as far back into her musical history as she can remember, she recalls that while she never learned music theory or had any formal training, from a very early age, she displayed an aptitude for rhythm. She cites an exercise from elementary school in which players tried to mimic each other’s drum patterns, and how she intuitively mirrored the other kids’ sequences.

The featured doc is only available for those with TIDAL subscriptions. 

Photo Credit: Philip Prolo

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