Ryan Farish explores cinematic soundscapes in ‘Wilderness’ LP [STREAM]Ryan Farish Wilderness

Ryan Farish explores cinematic soundscapes in ‘Wilderness’ LP [STREAM]

Few artists can call themselves juggernauts to the extent Ryan Farish can. This understated musician prefers to spend his time in the studio synthesizing new sounds into expansive, mellow music that has caught the ears and support of a multitude of DJs. He’s clocked 15 albums to his name since getting his start in the early 2000s, and is showing zero signs of a creative rut. In fact, he’s released what he’s explained is what, “I feel has been the most intentional music I’ve ever created:” his 16th LP, Wilderness.

It opens on a positively celestial note with “Children,” beckoning listeners in with the signature Farish aesthetic of heavenly vocals, euphoric, synthwork, and soothing low ends. These motifs are carried on as the album progresses, adding a sense of cohesion and continuity to the finished product. Farish has no qualms playing around with different textures in wilderness, such as orchestral bits and indie electric guitar, for example. This allows him to in turn create a body of work that traverses through multiple emotional soundscapes whilst promoting introspection. The album’s title track exemplifies this notion, for example, captivating the mind with touching cellos and gentle synthwork that evokes imagery of staring at the night sky and contemplating life.

Ultimately, Farish tells quite the tale without saying anything at all. He starts us off on a more poignant, bittersweet note before bringing optimism into the mix with tracks like “Ebb And Flow” and “Morning,” and closing down with a meditative “Solitude.” It’s almost as though the protagonist of this invisible story line has found themselves navigating a new part of life alone, and slowly comes into acceptance and adoration of this solitary journey as Wilderness comes to a close.

The album is now out through Farish’s Rytone imprint, with a 17th album in the works according to the producer. In the meantime, pick up a copy of Wilderness here.