Seven Lions expands palette on new EP, ‘Start Again’Seven Lions Start Again EP

Seven Lions expands palette on new EP, ‘Start Again’

Summer of 2018 brought forth a new chapter for Seven Lions, who introduced his new label Ophelia Records to the world. Its first release saw him sign fellow Anjunabeats alumnus Jason Ross for a norm-defying, melodic dubstep number. Now, the founder himself has officially christened the nascent project with a four-tracker EP titled Start Again.

The EP receives assistance from Fiora, whose voice is well-known in the dance music arena. Her touch was first heard in the euphoric “Dreamin’,” which doubled as a teaser for what was to come. “Start Again” is equally sentimental, bittersweet melodies and gentle off-beat sways leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

After Dark” followed “Dreamin'” as a precursor to Start Again, and saw Seven Lions throwing in a bit of psy flavor once again into his work. This is a theme he’s explored before to much success. He steps outside his signature sound and into the 4/4 realm with finesse, crafting equally enjoyable pieces to the rest of the record. The EP closes with a light, “Let Go,” whose calming melodies listen like a weight off one’s chest. Overall, Seven Lions has a well-rounded record on his hands.


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