Shiba San returns with two-track EP, ‘Don’t Talk’ [Stream]Screen Shot 2018 08 11 At 9.57.05 AM

Shiba San returns with two-track EP, ‘Don’t Talk’ [Stream]

Shiba San entitled his latest EP Don’t Talk, but the beats on this twofer will inevitably set listeners abuzz.

Comprised of two tracks, the introductory and eponymous “Don’t Talk,” and “Moskito,” the EP rhythmically indulges streamers from its onset. An undulating background beat situated in the 128 range and percussion that figures in the form of metallic drum taps and crisp pops of snare immediately ensnares listeners on “Don’t Talk.”

Shiba San maintains the steady momentum of “Don’t Talk” as the EP transitions into the comparatively edgier “Moskito,” an album constituent that involves the growling blasts of bass and glitchy, eccentric electronic sounds that all Dirtybird label mates incorporate into their respective releases as a hallmark of the collective’s unconventional aesthetic.

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