SoundCloud, Bacardi, and Major Lazer link for ‘Music Liberates Music’ initiativeMajor Lazer Know No Better Press Shot Credit Shane Mccauley

SoundCloud, Bacardi, and Major Lazer link for ‘Music Liberates Music’ initiative

The digital streaming era has proven itself to be a lucrative, fast paced, and unforgiving landscape, and virtually every corner of the creative industry has felt the effects, perhaps those emerging into the music industry most. With today’s current status quo in mind, SoundCloud, Bacardi, and Major Lazer have partnered on an exciting new Music Liberates Music initiative.

According to Digital Music News, the initiative aims to discover new artists from the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas who can submit music to SoundCloud for the project. The music will then be reviewed and Major Lazer will critique twelve finalists using SoundCloud’s commenting function.  In the end, four artists will be tapped as winners. The final four, from there, will be in the hands of SoundCloud’s users. Factors like the number of plays, shares, and likes will decide who takes the cake, which in this case, is a music video production, fully funded by Bacardi.

“We’re excited to work with Bacardi on Music Liberates Music because it showcases the incredible emerging talent on our platform and aligns with our mission to empower the world’s audio creators,”

explained Chris Blackburn, Head of Global Sales and Partnerships at SoundCloud. 

Specific contest details have yet to be released, with a launch date expected to be announced soon. With Diplo‘s proven A&R track record, SoundCloud’s distribution capabilities, and Bacardi’s budget, one lucky bedroom producer could be looking at a life-changing opportunity. 

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