SoundCloud relaunches comment capability for mobile usersSoundcloud Ad

SoundCloud relaunches comment capability for mobile users

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The comment section has made its way back to mobile SoundCloud users — finally.

In a release published on Aug. 7, SoundCloud announced that was relaunching its commenting capabilities for iOS and Android users. The reinstated feature boasts easy navigation, the ability to give and receive feedback instantly, and more control and freedom. Users can tap the app’s conversation bubble to leave their own comment or read what others have posted. They can also leave replies to other users’ comments in the same manner.

“As the world’s largest music streaming platform sparking social connections between artists and fans around the world, SoundCloud creates an open, authentic and dynamic community where everyone can share and connect,” the release states. “So be heard. Hear back. Connect anytime, anywhere – first on SoundCloud.”

Creators like DRAM have been vocal about the importance of comment sections on platforms like SoundCloud.

“I have been so appreciative for what SoundCloud has done for current music to this day,” DRAM said in promotional video for the music streaming platform. “And the fact that [SoundCloud is] gonna add comments on mobile? That’s lit!… It’s instant feedback.”

The commenting feature begins rolling out to users on Aug. 7 via the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app.

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