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StayLoose and Rozes share their latest collaboration, ‘Mean To Me’

This isn’t the first time StayLoose and Rozes have put their talents together to create a magical and uplifting piece of work. Their first collaboration came as a StayLoose remix for one of Rozes’ first songs, “R U Mine,” back in 2015. The track garnered millions of plays and brought the spotlight to both of them, which would ultimately lead to another collaboration, and this time in the form of “Mean To Me,” via Dim Mak Records.

“Mean To Me,” shines with StayLoose’s masterful production in the form of gripping bass and powerful retro synths and percussion, as Rozes sprinkles her sultry voice up and down the track. The pop-leaning song bubbles with energy and delivers on the sound listeners have come to expect from both artists.

“I met the very talented Rozes back in 2015 when I remixed her song R U Mine,” StayLoose says of the track. “A few months later we began playing around with the ideas for Mean To Me. It’s been a long time coming to release this one and I think it shows that great songs stand the test of time.”

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