UK music fests call for investigation into Live Nation’s ‘market dominance’Aif Live Nation Festival Accusations

UK music fests call for investigation into Live Nation’s ‘market dominance’

The UK’s Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) has publicly renewed their call to competition authorities, citing dangerous and increasing dominance and control of large music events by Live Nation. Currently, Live Nation controls a slew of the country’s biggest festivals, including Reading & LeedsParklife and more. That level of dominance is something the AIF says will stifle the competition, specifically by attempting to lock acts into exclusive deals requiring them to only play Live Nation-controlled events.

“Nobody wins from that,” one festival organizer told The Guardian. “We’ve all got an interest in the bands and the scene flourishing.”

To support the public declaration of concern, the AIF even created a map showing prominent UK events and the 26 percent of them currently under the control of Live Nation. Additionally, the organization is launching a “Stamp of Independence,” with the goal of giving festival-goers the power to support independent businesses in the UK’s music scene. AIF chief executive Paul Reed further explained the impact Live Nation’s growing influence could have on music fans.

“Allowing a single company to dominate festivals reduces the amount of choice and value for money for music fans,” Reed said. “It can block new entrants to market, result in strangleholds on talent through exclusivity deals and stifle competition throughout the entire live music business.”

Live Nation has yet to comment on the AIF’s accusations.

Photo Credit: Jen O’Neill

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