What is UK youth’s ‘main passion?’ Music, says studyNew Music Friday 1

What is UK youth’s ‘main passion?’ Music, says study

A new study conducted by London brand agency, Amplify, found music to be the central passion of more than half of UK youth.

Amplify surveyed 2,023 18-30 year olds during the course of their research, which found that more modern British youth are increasingly “looking internally for happiness and validation than before and becoming more reliant on themselves to create a positive life experience.” Music proved to be a quintessential part of a “positive life experience” for the 51% of women and 49% of men who ranked music as the preeminent love in their lives. Six out of ten British young adults reported that they were more interested in music than anything else.

Amplify cites the experiential nature of music as one of the key components of music’s widespread importance in the lives of contemporary British youth.

Explore Amplify’s findings in their full expanse, here.

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