UNIIQU3 announces ‘Phase 3’ EP on NLV via title trackUNIIQU3 Phase 3

UNIIQU3 announces ‘Phase 3’ EP on NLV via title track

“Jersey Club is such a crucial part of today’s dance music world, and I’m incredibly honored to work with one of the most exciting women pushing the sound to the world,” stated Nina Las Vegas on rising talent UNIIQU3‘s upcoming EP, Phase 3. The EP will also be UNIIQU3’s first on Nina’s NLV imprint, and it is primed to serve up a fine menu of breaks, bass, and fiery verses to audience ears.

We’re given a taste of the action in Phase 3‘s title track, which is a veritable heater. Industrial-geared synths that bear an 80s resemblance are paired with equally nostalgic breakbeat rhythms, transporting the listener straight to a block party dance battle. However, “Phase 3” finds its footing in the modern world with crisp arrangement, and UNIIQU3’s free-flowing vocals encourage debauchery. When she declares, “If you ain’t sweatin’, you ain’t doin’ it right,” it becomes difficult not to rise to her challenge and join in on the madness. The high-charged single is much in the same vein as her previous single “TRUNK,” alongside Yungkiid.

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