Zedd hints at possibility of forthcoming Katy Perry collaboration [Watch]Zedd Rukes 2013

Zedd hints at possibility of forthcoming Katy Perry collaboration [Watch]

Releases like “Clarity,” “Stay The Night,” and comparatively more recent singles like “Stay” and “The Middle” represent a consistent stylistic trend among Zedd releases: the centrality of a powerhouse female vocal.

Match Zedd’s penchant for a strong female lyricists that acts as the songs’ centerpiece with Katy Perry’s prowess in the pop sphere, and a collaboration appears not to be a question of “if,” but rather one of “when.”

Zedd’s increased movement into pop territory over the years and his provision of direct support for Perry’s WITNESS World Tour seem only to further ensure that both artists will spend some time together in the studio, if they haven’t already. As Zedd’s recent recap video from the Australian leg of the tour suggests, the duo might have more than just a few performances together up their sleeves.

The video includes brief footage of Perry in the studio, visible from the 18-20 second mark of the 58 second snippet.

Zedd previously told Australian radio host Smallzy that he was “always relatively open about the fact that [he] make[s] a lot of music with people.” “It doesn’t always come out, but we’ve been working,” Zedd said when asked if there was “any song happening” with Perry. “I always wanted to release a song with her, so if we all get lucky, then maybe we’ll finish the song and it will come out, and if not, then maybe another time.”

Cross your fingers, Zedd and Perry fans.

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