Zomboy fires off spine-tingling new single, ‘Rebel Bass’Zomboy Rebel Bass Single

Zomboy fires off spine-tingling new single, ‘Rebel Bass’

It’s comforting to know that some things fans can always count on. Zomboy releasing neck-breaking, no-holds-barred dubstep unquestionably falls into that category. Bass music fans haven’t had new solo Zomboy to blast since 2017’s Rott & Roll Pt. 1 EP. That finally changes with a new single out via Never Say Records, aptly called “Rebel Bass.”

Buzzing pads opens things up as the stage is set for destruction, and a multi-part build evolves with pounding drums and the producer’s textbook vocal samples. As the chaos reaches its climax, a pitched-down voice heralds the track’s inevitable descent: “Rott n’ roll bitch, this is Armageddon.” The first drop detonates with sub-shattering bass and ear-piercing growls. For a brief moment, there’s a break from the madness – but the bass returns for another dose of classic Zomboy.

The ominous horror-movie pre-drop vocal could very well mean a Rott & Roll Pt. 2 is on its way soon. Either way, “Rebel Bass” is one of the purest dubstep releases we’ve heard from Zomboy since his massive 2016 hit “Like A Bitch.”

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