ADE will not eject Konstantin from 2018 lineups, despite call for DJ’s removal following sexist remarksBelgrade At Night 1

ADE will not eject Konstantin from 2018 lineups, despite call for DJ’s removal following sexist remarks

Amsterdam Dance Event organizers will not remove Konstantin from the festival’s 2018 lineups, even as a petition against sexism in the music industry that calls for the cancellation of the Giegling artist’s ADE bookings continues to circulate. “We–women, dancers, DJs, writers, bookers, activists, and music-lovers–are tired of sexism in the electronic music industry,” the petition opens, “Overt sexism by male DJs makes the scene inaccessible and dangerous for women…Sexism is not a problem exclusive to [Konstantin], nor to the Giegling crew.” The document, which maintains that Konstantin “should not be playing during ADE” given the producer’s alleged history of flagrant sexist remarks, garnered more than 2,000 signatures in just a matter of days.

Konstantin is scheduled to appear on behalf of Giegling, but also features on lineups for Circoloco, Loveland, NGHTDVSN, and Next Monday’s Hangover. Although ADE does not singlehandedly select the artists for each promoter’s event slated to occur in tandem with ADE, the festival will not bar Konstantin from performing at any of the ADE parties.

“Of course we have seen the petition,” ADE organizers said, “we agree this is an important topic to address.” ADE organizers additionally announced their intent to have Konstantin attend a panel topically focused on sexism in the music industry, and “discuss” the topic. ADE referenced, the “global network of women who work in the music industry,” as one of their 2018 collaborators, yet the female empowerment network stated that they had “absolutely no involvement” in an ensuing panel devoted to sexism, “or any other sexism or diversity -related programming at ADE” this year.

The public outcry in response to Konstantin’s representation among several ADE event lineups follows the DJ’s 2017 remark to Groove magazine that female DJs are not only “over-promoted,” but “often worse than men in the industry. DISCWOMAN also corroborated claims of Konstantin’s sexism, tweeting “Since we’ve started we’ve never experienced a man dj be a disparaging as Konstantin has…If you don’t care about men saying things like this, then you are contributing part of the culture that values men more than women.”

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