Alesso is one with the aliens in new music video for ‘Remedy’Alesso Remedy Music Video

Alesso is one with the aliens in new music video for ‘Remedy’

Alesso has released an extra terrestrial video for his latest track, “Remedy,” that’s not short on storytelling over the course of its five minute.  A spaceship lands in Hollywood, and viewers watch as a disk-like part of the spaceship breaks upon landing. A small alien boy then emerges from the spaceship crash and wanders aimlessly around Hollywood, observing different people and things like garbage while he walks around. He draws a sign on a piece of paper, seemingly looking for someone or something to point him in the right direction. Alesso posters around L.A. have the sign, so the boy heads to an alien rave hosted by the producer himself.

The alien boy runs into an alien girl at the rave, who unite with Alesso. The producer holds a record that is the same size as the broken disc, which also happens to have the same symbol the alien children hold. Turns out, the record is the broken piece to their space ship.

The visual video is a stunning complement to the smooth tune.

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